Creativity Visual Space represents a platform for art custom services for the organization and creation of unique events.
This structure, composed by a team of professionals linked to the world of creative set design, art design, light and audiovisual installations, music, gastronomy, etc., who will analyze each event with a proposal for a holistic performance for all the elements which are introduced, searching for the realization of a complete work.


1 – Forge structure

  • Decorative ceiling customized with an artistic installation.
  • Modular and folding functionality.
  • Installations with a number of materials.

2 – Conceptual wall

  • Graphic and sequential representation of corporative concepts regarding the event.
  • Media: Vinyl stickers, plotters, photography, graphic work, etc…

3 – Showcases – Glass boxes

  • Product exhibition in hanging showcases with a minimalist decoration in a colourful light environment.
  • Possibility of exhibition for graphic communication.

4 – Set design

  • Decoration of the main stage, with corporative set design about the existing subject.
  • The main features of the spaces are modernist.

5 – Showrooms

  • Interactive outside space with direct sun light and a waterfall.
  • Composed of 2 side spaces for audiovisual projections and exhibitions.

6 – Showcase by the door

  • Visual space and showroom to the outside.
  • Introduction of graphic communication for the reference event.
  • Possibility of rear projection of corporative video to the outside.
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